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About CND Shellac and Gel Nail

CND Shellac Power Polish has revolutionized the industry, and beauty professionals swear by it.

It’s the Original Power Polish, and the future of nail services. Shellac goes on like polish, wears like gel, and can be gently removed in minutes.

Common client nail concerns are virtually eliminated with use of the Shellac system.

Dry time is reduced to zero, and the mirror-like finish resists chips, nicks, and smudges.

Nails are strengthened and enhanced with 14 days of durable color.

Shellac Base Coat and Top Coat start and finish Shellac services to perfection.

A dazzling spectrum of Shellac shades lets you customize manicures and pedicures to perfection.

The Shellac system includes an ergonomic UV lamp that gives you power and versatility.

When clients are ready for a change or update, Shellac Remover Wraps make the process quick and easy.

Begin every service with ScrubFresh and send clients home with SolarOil to keep their nails conditioned between services.

Brisa Sculpting Gel is a keratin-bonding reinforced cross-linking UV gel for durable enhancements.

It creates enhancements that covalently bond to keratin for superior adhesion.

Create thin, strong, light, natural-looking nails with this non-stringy, easy to use formula. Brisa is hypoallergenic and odorless, so it’s perfect for every client, in any setting.

Salons, day spas, and destination spas are ideal for Brisa Gel services.

Non-acrylate, gluteraldehyde and formaldehyde-free formulas. Brisa Gels are also versatile, and ideal for sculpting on forms and creating overlays on fingers and toes.

About OPI

OPI is renowned globally for its Nail Lacquers, with each shade created by Weiss-Fischmann based on her impeccable color forecasting, sense of style, and instinct for what women want.

The brilliant, chip-resistant, professional OPI Nail Lacquer formula is available in over 200 fashion-forward colors.

With clever names that customers look forward to with each new Collection, OPI Nail Lacquers are beloved around the world, and trusted by professionals.

About EzFlow

The range consists of an award winning liquid and powder system, coloured acrylic powders, unique glitter collections, fibre and silk system and the Gel it! range.

Using EzFlow Nail Systems creates long-lasting, flexible, strong and fashionable nail enhancements.

For over 25 years, EzFlow has formulated products for the nail industry using the latest technologies available.

Inspired by talented nail artists, EzFlow develops and markets imaginative products that support creative vision.

EzFlow follows fashion, from elegant to trendy and fashionable, and embraces the growing craze of nail design.

About IBD Nails

For over 40 years, ibd has set the standard for salon innovation and excellence in professional UV and adhesive products.

ibd’s complete line of spa quality nail care products are designed to empower nail professionals to expand their services and compete effectively in today’s marketplace. ibd believes that building strong partnerships with salons is the foundation to success.

ibd have created the next generation in both gel and acrylic systems:

ibd gels create a permanently shiny, incredibly transparent, natural looking nail without the odour and dust of traditional acrylic and the nails are just as durable.

ibd technologically superior formulations do not heat up whilst curing so there is no discomfort.

ibd Soak Off gels gives you and your client the flexibility you desire as the Soak Off Gel Polish cures in a matter of minutes and can be removed effortlessly without damaging the natural nail.

ibd acrylic products offers the newest technology and excellent performance salons demand. The acrylic range offers superior adhesion, maximum flexibility as well as excellent wear and durability.

About Clean and Easy Waxing

Since its inception over a decade ago, clean+easy has quickly risen to become a leader in the professional spa industry with its innovative roll-on waxing system, superb quality and variety of waxes.

clean+easy recognizes the active and sometimes hectic lifestyle of today’s women and we want to accommodate their schedule by offering fast, effective and easy methods of hair removal.

The ease of use, quick application and effortless clean-up are key features that make this system a success.

Acquired by American International Industries in the year 2000, clean+easy has expanded to include a full line of pot waxing services, pre and post wax treatments, paraffin wax systems, and a wide variety of home care products including microwaveable waxes, depilatories, electrolysis and cream bleaches. clean+easy has a product to simplify everyone’s hair removal needs, thus our slogan:

Waxing Made Simple!

About Gigi Waxing

GiGi is a unique warm waxing range made from pure clove honey, which is luxurious and rich, has a pleasant odour and is soft and gentle on the skin.

Its high quality formulas and wide range of waxes, wax products, and waxing accessories have given it an excellent reputation in the industry.

The well-established range offers you high quality, effective wax, based on natural ingredients such as honey, which is packed full of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

GiGi is easy to use, safe and there is no waste because the wax is applied in a thin, transparent layer and is a fast process making it both efficient and profitable.

It is a complete, foolproof system.
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